About Fashion

Fashion Furniture Rental has been serving Southern California for over 30 years. Being the largest regional rental furniture provider, we have learned a few things about what our customers want... whether it's for their temporary homes or for helping them sell their home by providing high-quality furnishings that are right for their application.

We have always differentiated ourselves from the competition with our unique furnishings and unparalleled service, and our Stager Rewards site is perfect example of our never-ending quest to do so. At fashionfurniture.com, we created the only start-to-finish online ordering portal for furniture rental, where our customers can order ready-made, coordinated packages. Here at stagerrewards.com, we offer the ability to create customized packages based on inventory currently in stock.

While we offer our websites as tools to create your personal sanctuary or next home staging project, our Customer Care department is always ready and able to answer any questions or help walk you through the furniture rental process. Contact them at 800-235-9030 or at customercare@fashionfurniture.com

About StagerRewards.com

Fashion Furniture Rental's StagerRewards.com is geared towards home stagers and furniture rental customers who are looking for a more customized option than what is already available at www.fashionfurniture.com. While our main website offers coordinated, designer ready-to-go packages, stagerrewards.com gives you 100% freedom to pick and choose all of the pieces and details to make your a completely customized order.

To start, simply click the "Create a Quote" and you're off! Select your lease term, designate the rooms you want to furnish and begin filling your cart with Fashion's unique furniture! All the furnishings that display are currently in stock at the time of you see them*, unlike other furniture rental sites which will regularly display items that are not available and substitute them at the time of your delivery.

Please note that the creation of a quote DOES NOT reserve your inventory. Your selections are not finalized until a Customer Care Representative or Staging Specialist confirms your order and process your payment. If there are any availability issues, you will be contacted for a reselect.

*Furnishings are reserved on first come, first served basis. To ensure that you receive the furniture you selected, please contact Customer Care after you submit your order and submit all necessary paperwork in a timely manner.

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